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Basic Method for Testing the Quality of Nylon Cable Tie

Promulgator : DIHAO Date : 2019-03-27

With the continuous expansion of the application field of cable tiecable ties manufacturers are also increasing year by year. Due to the different technology, experience, production technology and raw materials used by various manufacturers, the phenomenon of different prices and quality in the market has always existed.
As distributors and users of nylon cable tie, they should master the basic knowledge of distinguishing the quality of products, so that they can buy nylon cable tie with high cost performance to reduce the risk of small loss in use or production process.
1. Appearance identification: Injection molding process products are prone to flash, burr, burning, bubble, deformation and other phenomena. These phenomena are also easy to appear in nylon cable tie. Although some phenomena do not pose a threat to the safe use of the cable tie, all manufacturers should maintain strict control over the appearance. Whether the precision of the fastener with body teeth and the fastener with head cavity teeth fits well or not is a decisive factor for the safety of the cable tie. The key factor of the pulling force of the nylon cable tie is that the deformation of the buckle or the filling of the buckle will lead to sliding teeth or difficult insertion. Such products, like waste products, are liable to induce quality accidents in the use process. Usually responsible production enterprises will apply high-precision projection amplifier in the process of testing. Full-time quality inspectors will be responsible for the detection of product teeth.
2. Hand Recognition: The two major factors determining the quality of nylon cable tie are the precision of the die and flexibility of the cable tie. Flexibility is not elaborated too much because it can not provide data and the location of each person's flexibility is different. The precision of the die can be judged by the feel of the nylon cable tie and the sound produced when the tie is pierced. If the insertion is difficult or the voice is not clear, it is teeth. Deduction fit is not high, the product pulling force can not be guaranteed when this situation occurs.
3. Performance identification: The most important evaluation point of nylon cable tie is pulling force. Whether the cable tie is broken or the reverse teeth are cracked, how to break the head must be above the standard pulling force (the pulling force of nylon banding has industry standard: the standard pulling force of 3x series national standard (actual width 2.5mm) is 8kg, and the standard pulling force of 4x series national standard (actual width 3.5mm) is 1. The actual width of 8kg and 5x series national standards is 4.6mm. The standard pulling force of 22kg and 8x series national standards is 7.2mm. The standard pulling force of 55kg and 10x series national standards is 80kg. A good quality cable tie will not have a direct fracture section and will not be brittle when it is stretched.