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A Simple Analysis of the Kinds of Nylon cable ties

Promulgator : DIHAO Date : 2019-04-16

In terms of the types of nylon cable ties, they can be generally divided into self-locking nylon cable ties, loose nylon cable ties and bead-hole nylon cable ties. The application of different kinds of nylon cable ties will be different.
1. Self locking nylon cable tie. When the nylon tie is used, it can be actively locked and will not open. Whether it is in the production time, the choice of materials are different, such as Teflon, which reflects the characteristics of strong weather resistance, can resist high temperature, low temperature, often used in outdoor use.
2. Loose nylon cable tie. The biggest characteristic of this kind of cable tie is that it can be loosened and tightened. It will be used in more industrial production. Because it can be loosened, it can be recycled. Because the material it uses is ul, its biggest characteristic is that it has strong fire resistance, can reach a high refractory grade, and is not easy to aging. It can achieve a certain firmness when used in bundle power supply.
3. Pearl hole type nylon cable tie. Anti-aging performance, fire resistance and heat resistance, etc., this kind of cable tie has its own properties, but also can be used as a bundle of power supply, because it is bead-hole type, can be opened after use, recycling performance is also very strong.