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The basic introduction of the Cable Marker Tags

Promulgator : DIHAO Date : 2016-04-11

Cable Marker Tags: with the development of science and technology, the number tube is identified as the cable. It is widely used in the fields of electronic, electric, electrical, power, computer, communications, aerospace, locomotive, wire harness office, communication, network wiring and so on.

Use number tube purpose

The wire and cable and its insulated wire core have made a identification mark to ensure the correct connection, installation and safe operation of the wire and cable, and the convenience of maintenance.

The classification of the number tube

Number tube can be divided into: O type number tube, heteromorphic number tube, heat shrinkable number tube, cold shrinking number tube.

How to identify the number tube

Different cables are marked with words, letters, symbols, and colors. The color of the logo should be easily recognizable or easily recognizable, so that the electrical appliances can be properly connected.