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The difference between the industrial plug and socket and the common plug and socket

Promulgator : DIHAO Date : 2016-04-11

Industrial plug and socket with common plug and socket, is to understand the difference between "industrial" and "ordinary" two words literally, to see the first thing people usually think, the difference between industrial plug and socket and common industrial plug is an industry, is a household, although no such understanding is not wrong, but the difference was not only this point. Here I will give a brief introduction to the difference between the two.

The difference of material

1. Industrial plug and socket shell using imported high quality plastic, can keep the deformation in the bad environment, such as waterproof plastic insert plug socket, the chips are made of fireproof plastic, has good fireproof function, can be used in various harsh environments. The ordinary plug and socket can not be done at this time.

2. Common plug and socket: usually made of ordinary plastic.

Power difference

1. industrial plug and socket: the nominal current of industrial plug and socket has four kinds of nominal current, 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A and so on. The level of protection is high, and there are two kinds of IP44, IP55 and IP67.

2. common plug and socket: nominal current rating 10A, common plug and socket is generally difficult to meet the higher rated current. So the common plug and socket is usually used where there is no protection level.

Service life

The service life of the industrial plug and socket is 10 times that of the common plug and socket, the ordinary socket is 2 years, and the industrial plug and socket can be used for 10 years.

Characteristics of plugs and sockets for industrial use

Usually industrial plug and socket use appearance color to express the rated voltage, such as blue for 220V, red for 380V, easy to identify. The appearance of the material has certain requirements for hardness and flame retardancy, so the appearance looks very texture. But the poor products in the market look smooth, but no texture. It will bring fire hazards to the safe electricity.

Different types of industrial plugs have their corresponding industrial sockets. Due to their different parameters such as diameters, poles and so on, the plugs and sockets with different specifications can not be inserted to ensure the correct use of products and avoid the danger caused by incorrect use. There are many types and specifications, which can meet the use of different occasions, and the general purpose is very strong.

Industrial plug and socket is safe and reliable, universal and strong, so it has been paid more and more attention in China and widely popularized and applied. With the development of science and technology, industrial plugs and sockets are gradually developing. It is different from the common plug and socket, so the two are completely different.