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What are the measures to improve the quality of Cable Gland?

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Because of the different environment and operation mode of the Cable Gland, the electrical equipment and position of the connection are different, the cable accessories have great choice in material, structure and installation technology, but the basic performance of all kinds of accessories is the same, so the following measures should be strengthened to improve the quality of the joints:

1. The cable accessories with advanced technology, mature technology, reliable quality and adaptability to the environment and conditions used must be selected. We must resolutely resist counterfeit and inferior products. We should focus on testing new technologies, new processes and new products, constantly sum up and improve them, and gradually popularize and apply them year by year.
2. The use of good quality, specifications, cross sectional requirements, safe and reliable operation of the fittings. For wiring terminals, oil plugging type should be chosen as far as possible, because the general section of this terminal is large, can reduce heating, but also can effectively solve the problem of moisture-proof sealing. Connecting pipes shall be made of copper rod or 1# aluminum, and the specifications and sizes shall be in accordance with the diameter of the cross-linked cable core. In recent years, pressure nozzles for cross-linked Copper Cable Gland provided by some Cable Factory Accessories Factory have been used with good results.
3. Choose the Press-joint machine with large tonnage, good mold matching, sufficient pit area, and the Press-joint effect can meet the technical requirements. Do well the interface treatment before crimping, and apply conductive paste.
4. Skilled in training, skilled in craftsmanship, conscientious and responsible in work, capable of cable construction, installation, operation and maintenance of cable technicians. Improve the construction personnel's understanding of the cross-linked cable, enhance the understanding of the characteristics of cross-linked cable accessories, research technology, improve technology, formulate construction specifications, strengthen quality control, ensure safe operation.
5. Cables are laid with brackets and trenches during installation, and no direct burial is used as far as possible. Even if the cable is buried directly, no intermediate ends are allowed.
6. Ensure that the drainage facilities in the ditch are good, and the phenomenon that the cross-linked cables are soaked in water for a long time is not allowed.

Importance of Copper Cable Gland in cable line

The Copper Cable Gland is an indispensable part of the cable line. It can be used to realize the connection of two cables and improve the electric field at the end of two cables. A long circuit must connect two or more cables, which requires direct connection. The through joint is an accessory connecting two cables to form a continuous circuit, especially the metal shell of the joint and the metal shielding and insulation shielding of the connecting cable. In order to reduce the induced electromotive force (EMF) of metal sheath in high voltage transmission lines, insulated joints are needed to realize cross-transposed connection to eliminate the circulating current generated by the induced EMF. The insulated joint shields the metal sleeve, metal shield and insulation of the cable from the electrical disconnector. Cable joints can have branch joints and excessive joints in addition to insulation joints and through joints according to their functions in the line.

What are the requirements for connection of PG Cable Gland?

(1) Guarantee sealing: If the PG Cable Gland is not sealed properly, moisture will invade the cable interior, resulting in reduced insulation performance.
(2) Ensure the insulation strength: the insulation strength of the cable joint should not be lower than the insulation strength of the cable itself.
(3) Ensure electrical distance: avoid short circuit or breakdown.
(4) Guarantee good contact of conductors: the contact resistance of PG Cable Gland should be 1-36 small coil electric trench laying cable (unit: mm) and stable, and have a certain mechanical strength. The contact resistance must be less than 1.2 times the resistance of the conductor of the same length, and the tensile strength should not be less than 70% of the strength of the cable core.