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How about the self locking performance of nylon cable ties?

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How about the self locking performance of nylon straps?

Nylon tie is a kind of tie made of nylon chemical material, which can be better used in fixing various cables. Of course, in order to meet the better use requirements, we need to grasp it better according to the actual situation at this time, and the quality assurance we can ultimately seek will be greatly improved. These are worth us to go. More attention. In order to achieve better self-locking and fixing function, it is better to choose high-quality Cable Ties Manufacturer at this time, and the product price can be more reasonable.

In the past, in order to fix all kinds of cables or materials, we always choose wire or wire, or tie with steel wire. However, these will result in greater waste of resources, and the prescribed effect is not ideal. However, the use of nylon tie can better solve the problem of waste of resources, as well as the instability of fixing.  After all, nylon material is very strong in corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and tension resistance, so it can be used in more occasions to meet the requirements.

Generally speaking, nylon China Cable Tie has excellent self-locking performance and better stability, so it is very important to choose better. After all, different Cable Ties Manufacturer provide different materials in the choice of nylon, so to ensure that better fixed self-locking requirements can be met, we need to choose more professional manufacturers.

How to identify nylon China Cable Tie

Nylon ribbon is the product of economic field and the necessity of rapid economic development. It has been widely used in various fields of modern and vigorous production, covering almost all fields. In recent years, Cable Ties Manufacturer have competed for the market of nylon ribbon. However, due to the great differences in technology and quality, the market is full of nylon ribbon. Products with good and bad products. Then how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of nylon tie? Here are some references to help users buy more value-for-money nylon straps.

The first is the appearance quality of China Cable Tie, when we can easily identify the naked eye. No matter how excellent the crafts of plastic products are, there will be many defects, which can not be avoided, such as lack of materials, burning, silver wire and bubbles, product deformation and shrinkage. But excellent technology can minimize this. Nylon straps are also engineering plastics, so such adverse factors also appear. Although this defect will not ask any questions in use, it will inevitably have some potential risk of causing quality accidents.

The quality of the belt part and the tooth cavity of the head is the key part of the nylon tie belt, so careful observation is needed for this belt part. Normally, there is no residual tooth phenomenon here. For the tooth cavity part and the top of the inner surface, there should be no step-like deviation marks of the die, otherwise there will be a large number of sliding teeth that can not be used. Finally, there will be a large number of sliding teeth that can not be used. It leads to the difficulty of interpenetration and becomes useless and unusable.

In addition, even simple crossing phenomenon can not be taken lightly. If the crossing edge is too large, it will occur that the tooth surface of the belt and the tooth cavity of the head will not fit tightly after insertion, and it is easy to loose the slippery teeth. Nylon has an axiom, that is, the product is of the best quality except for the necessary special requirements.