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MBKKB Fused DIN Rail Terminals

MBKKB Fused DIN Rail Terminals
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Product Parameter

Technical Data
Certification CE
Standard IEC
Rated Voltage 500V
Rated Current 24A
Wire Section 0.2-2.5mm²
Thickness / Width / End Plate Thickness 5.2/62.5/1.5mm
Height (NS35: 7.5/NS35: 15/NS32) 42/49.5/47mm
Rated Impulse Voltage / Pollution Level 8kV/3
Strip Length 7mm
Screw Thread / Torque M3/0.5Nm
Plug Guage A3
Insulation Material / Flame Retardant Grade PA66/V2-V0

Three guarantees - to eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure secure connections
1. Corrosion resistance
Salt fog test up to 48 hours, customized salt fog test up to 72 hours.
2. Flame retardant grade V0
Molded case material is made of PC and PA66, high temperature resistance up to 120℃, high strength, folding resistance, flame retardant grades up to V0.
3. Good electrical conductivity
Small volume, full specifications, can be connected to the wire section, good conductivity, large torque, and has the self-locking function

Technical Drawing

Structure Diagram (mm)

Product Add-ons

Introduction Item No
End Clamp E-UK
Terminal Strip Marker Holder KLM-A
Guide Rail TH35
Terminal Strip Marker Carrier B1 UBE/D(B1)
Terminal Strip Marker Carrier B2 UBE/D(B2)
Partition Plate: Used for visual and electrical isolation between terminal groups, Thickness 1.5mm ATP-UK
Separating Plate: Used for electrical isolation between connections TS-K
End Cover: Thickness 1.5mm D-MBKKB2.5
Marker Strip (Blank): 10 pos. ZB5 (Blank)
Marker Strip (Printing): 10 pos. ZB5 (Printing)
Insertion Bridge EB1-10-5
Fixed Bridge: can be arbitrarily divided into 2 pos. and 3 pos. FB1-10-5