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TC High Current Terminal Block

TC High Current Terminal Block
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Product Parameter

Technical Data
Model TC-602 TC-603 TC-604 TC-1002 TC-1003 TC-1004 TC-1503 TC-1504 TC-2003 TC-2004 TC-3003 TC-3004 TC-4003 TC-4004 TC-6003 TC-6004
Wire Section 6-14mm² 6-14mm² 6-14mm² 10-22mm² 10-22mm² 10-22mm² 40-60mm² 40-60mm² 60-100mm² 60-100mm² 100-150mm² 100-150mm² 150-200mm² 150-200mm² 200-300mm² 200-300mm²
Rated Current 60A 60A 60A 100A 100A 100A 150A 150A 200A 200A 300A 300A 400A 400A 600A 600A
Rated Voltage 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V 600V
Certification CE
Standard IEC
Pedestal Material Bakelite (Flame retardant grade V1)
Cover Material AS resin, transparent
Terminal Material Brass
Marker Strip Material PVC (Milky White)

Three guarantees - to eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure secure connections
1. Corrosion resistance
The screws and wire parts are all made of high precision alloy copper, and the surface is plated with nickel to effectively prolong corrosion prevention time.
2. Flame retardant grade V1
Molded case material is made of PC and PA66, high temperature resistance up to 120℃, high strength, folding resistance, flame retardant grades up to V1.
3. Identification function
The defects of the old terminal without logo design are changed, and the standardization and beauty of the product connection are ensured.

Details highlight quality
Use German mold technology, the quality comparable to PHOENIX, complete accessories, high-quality materials, metal parts are made of copper
Screw: Multicolored zinc plating
Crossarm connection strip: nickel plated copper; Thickness: 0.8mm
Molded Case Material: Bakelite

Technical Drawing

Structure Diagram (mm)