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Powercon Plug-Audio Power Connector

Powercon Plug-Audio Power Connector
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Product Specifications

Round connectors include a series of multipole metal connectors designed for industrial applications. This series provides a wide variety of cable connectors and hole type cable connectors and sockets, which can be interrupted by soldering and crimping or printed circuit boards.
A simple and reliable fast locking system ensures complete connection without accidental disconnection. The round connector has a unique chuck type strain release and enhanced rack, with strong reliability.
This series of industrial connectors includes a unique power connector, suitable for single phase applications below 32Amps.

The number of contacts ranging from 1 to 12
Automatic locking system
Sturdy all metal frame
Front or rear installation
Chuck and crimping strain release
Gold plated contact
Welding or crimping terminal
Printed circuit board installation
Good shielding (crimp type strain release)
It is mainly used for measurement, testing and control, automatic and mechanical tool industries and medical devices.
Lockable triple pole device (AC) connector with contacts for safe, neutral, and pre alignment safety grounding
High current capacity, rated 20A/250Vac.
Color code for easy identification, PowerCON has different styles keyed inputs (blue) and output (gray), to avoid cross matching.
Fast and simple locking system.
Very solid and reliable
Good cable lock in
UL, CUL approved components
The new latch design is easier to operate and safe to lock.