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Industrial Plugs And Sockets

The current is generally divided into 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A, 250A, 420A, etc., the protection level can be divided into IP44, IP67 This is the same as the industrial, Two, for these are more conventional. The general situation and industrial sockets, industrial connectors supporting the use
Industrial plug [1] Power is divided into 16A 32A 63A 125A four, the voltage is divided into 40V-45V purple 110V-130v (yellow) 200V-250V (blue)
230V-415V is red 500V black
Applicable code: (0 for the plug, 1 for the connector, 2 for the coupler, 3 for the concealed socket, 4 for the flange, 5 for the socket, 6 for the concealed device)
Rated current code: (1 for 16A, 2 for 32A, 3 for 63A, 4 for 125A)
Number of poles: (3 for 3 poles, 4 for 4 poles, 5 for pentaves)
Industrial plug model identification: For example, TYP163 is shown as industrial plug, the color is blue, the voltage is 220-250V, current 16A, the number of poles is 3 pole, the protection level is IP44.