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CZ-C Push Lock Wire Connectors

CZ-C Push Lock Wire Connectors
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Product Parameter

Technical Data CZ-101-C CZ-201-C CZ-112-C
Certification CE
Standard IEC
Round hole supply side 1.0~2.5mm² (Single-stranded hard wire)
Square hole appliance side 0.5~2.5mm² (Single-stranded or Multi-stranded hard wire)
Strip Length 9~11mm
Rated Voltage 400V
Rated Current 24A
Rated Power 4kW
Specifications 20.5*8.5*15.5mm 20.5*18.5*15.5mm 20.5*10*15.5mm
Housing Material Flame Retardant PC
Guide Strip Material Red Copper
Spring Nickel Chromium Spring Steel

Three Guarantees
Put an end to hidden dangers, safe connection
Independent warehouse design
To ensure that there is no possibility of contact between each wire, from the fundamental to eliminate the elasticity uneven of different diameter spring
Flame Retardant Grade V0
Molded case material is made of PC material, high temperature resistance to 120℃, high strength, bending resistance, flame retardant grades to V0
Good Electrical Conductivity
The conductive body uses the red copper guide strip, which has good conductivity, low resistivity, sufficient material, safe and easy to control

How to select connectors for a few holes?
Each connector, no matter how many holes, the interior is conductive, so we use connector with several holes according to the number of wires connected together. For example, a connector with 4 holes can connect up to 4 wires at most. If there are only 3 wires to be connected, then an empty hole can be left. Since each connector is fully conductive, it is impossible to insert the fire wire, zero wire and ground wire into the same connector, otherwise it will cause short circuit, so in this case, One for fire wire, one for ground wire.

Why does the PCT connector come in the same way?
Because in the practical application, the wire in the junction box is to be pulled out of the junction box and connected outside, so whether it is in line or outlet, will be the same direction, so the connector line designed for use in the same direction can be more convenient. (In some cases where the junction box is not used, it is another matter)

Instructions for lighting connectors
1. Preparation: Strip off single strand wire’s insulation sheath 12~13mm.
2. Wire connection: The wire that stripped the skin is completely inserted into the connector.
3. The connection of the appliance side: Press the movable part on the side of the square hole to the end, insert the wire into the square hole, then release it.

Technical Drawing

Structure Diagram (mm)