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Wire Cable Accessories

Wire Cable Accessories includes cable clips, cable clamps, cable managenment, expand plug, cable marker and so on.
Cable clamps, applied with cable ties, can adjust the bundle diameter of cable ties to fit the size of wire bundle and achieve completely fastened. One piece clamps can save accessories of arrangement and fixture. From small cable clamps to saddle wire holders which can accommodate several wire bundles, the one piece clamps can finish the arrangement only to place or push the bundle into the wire holders with high efficiency.
Cable managenment applies to protect cables and wires from pressure, corrosion, and abrasion and to offer advantages of insulation, nest and keeping in order. The length is cut depending on users’need. Most of cable protection can cut the length with scissors. Button tubes and Hoop &Loop tubes can easily unwrapped and fold to storage. Wrapping Bands is very common accessory applying to arrangement of the cables.